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This Compendium should only be used with a base understanding of the Singleplayer Game Framework of Unreal Engine.

It will NOT teach beginners how to use Unreal Engine in general.

Please refer to the Blueprint Compendium, created by Marcos Romero, for getting started with Unreal Engine as a beginner. This Network Compendium expects you to know how to use Blueprints, as well as C++ for the C++ examples.

Examples were created in Unreal Engine 5.1.x, so they might differ a bit from the newest UE version you are using. It's solely meant to get you started with Networking in Unreal Engine!

Welcome to the Unreal Engine Network Compendium!

While the official Documentation is already quite good, I wanted to sum up some of the basic knowledge I gathered during the past few years while working with Unreal Engine and creating Multiplayer Games.

The following pages will introduce you to the Network Framework and explain Common Classes, Replication, Ownership, and more. Whenever I can I will provide a Blueprint and a C++ example, which should shed some light on how things work.

The pages will, of course, also contain lots of content taken from the official Documentation. This Compendium is meant as a summary and not as a written redefinition of something that already has been explained!