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Since most of my posts were and are tutorials, I needed a better way to quickly write and iterate on new and existing posts.

With the wish to refactor (or rather fully remake), the Multiplayer Network Compendium came the wish for an easier and better solution than the crappy PDF it was before.


The new website is built on the idea of utilizing Markdown for all tutorials and posts. Markdown allows me and others to quickly write new posts without having to learn a new language.

It also allows porting of posts more or less easily between websites and services.

React JS

On top of using Markdown, I also wanted to ensure that I can freely modify parts of the posts to enhance the experience and to allow me to build more complex posts that aren't possible by only using Markdown.

Thus the combination of React JS and Markdown came up, utilizing MDX files that allow the usage of both Markdown and React JS.


While I had a custom version of this new website running for a while (locally), I noticed that I hit more walls than I would have liked to while trying to simply write my documentation and tutorials.

We were already using Docusaurus for Salty Panda Studios, so I decided to throw my setup away and port the already more or less refactored Compendium to Docusaurus. This also allows me to write blog posts on top of tutorials.


The tutorials are now created as documentation with the support of different doc pages, tables of contents and more. Head over to the Tutorials by clicking THIS link or via the top nav bar!