Four Score Brawl | Top Down Multiplayer Brawler | Epic Mega Jam 2016

  DOWNLOAD LINK ASSERTIONFAILED_FSB Project size: 92.4MB DESCRIPTION Four legendary composers go head to head in an epic battle to settle some scores. Calm down the overly-emotional notes you need for your magnus opus, and finish that composition whilst there’s still time or before your opponents get the chance. Settle those musical scores, and disrupt […]

Multiplayer Crafting System

BUY HERE: Description Preview: Key Features: Multiplayer Support | Singleplayer, ListenServer and Dedicated Server Personal Player Crafting | Players can have their own Crafting Menu Actor based Crafting | The Crafting Component can easily be added to an Actor to create a Workbench. EventDispatchers can be used to control visuals Fuel-based Crafting | Crafting […]

Multiplayer Lobby System

BUY HERE: Description Video: UI Showcase Video: Forum Thread: In this Blueprint/UMG Package you will get well commented, common Network Systems. The pack contains: A main Menu for Network Games and Options (Small SaveGame part) A Lobby with Ready/Kick/StartGame/SwitchTeam buttons, Character Selection and Teamlists A Chat with All/Group/Whisper Channel and “/commands” A […]